ILHS uses mastery based/standards based grading to assess student work with a focus on feedback, revision, and growth. Students are assessed both in their mastery of transferable skills, which correlates to their Mastery Learning Record, and on the content standards for the course, according to the EPNU scale below. Regardless of where a student is evaluated, teachers endeavor to provide specific feedback on how their work can be further improved or what the next steps of learning may be for the student. Students are encouraged to meet with their teachers and revise their work to meet Exceeding or Proficient expectations. 

Exceeds Proficiency: Goes substantially beyond the requirements for Proficient in regard to depth, breadth, or quality.

Proficient: Meets the specific, defined requirements of the assignment.

Not Yet: Does not meet all requirements for proficiency.

Unassessable: No assessable evidence of learning has been provided/observed.

ILHS does not use letter grades to assess student work; however, the letter grade is recorded on students’ high school transcripts. The table below shows how the mastery based grading language translates into traditional letter grades and percentages.