Mastery Learning

Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Agency, and Citizenship: These six essential skills are embedded into all classes at ILHS. Students are assessed and receive feedback in these areas throughout their four years at ILHS, with the goal of practicing and growing their mastery skills to prepare them for success in college, career, and life.  Students have opportunities to demonstrate their skills during student-led conferences, Better World Day, and other project showcases.

ILHS students build a Mastery Learning Record, a virtual, interactive portfolio that allows students to tell their story as learners and demonstrate their success at achieving their mastery skills through examples of their accomplishments inside and outside of school. The mastery learning record presents colleges and universities with a complete picture of what a student has done and is able to do. Check out the Mastery Transcript Consortium website to learn more about the Mastery Learning Record. To see a sample record you can check out Raven Corvid's MLR at Access Code: U5QNLV 

When applying to colleges and universities, students submit their Mastery Learning Record, which links to a student's high school transcript. This interactive page includes a student statement, display of skills demonstrated while at ILHS, courses taken, and links to evidence curated and featured by the student. This functions as a digital portfolio where a student does not just claim to have particular skills or talents, but actually shows evidence of what they’ve done, their abilities, and who they are as a student. Colleges can still view the student’s traditional high school transcript with its course lists and grades through the MLR, but they are first presented with this much more complete picture of the student.