Project Showcase


Expeditionary learning is an exciting educational approach that lies at the core of our educational philosophy, focusing on genuine, cross-disciplinary, hands-on learning experiences that blend rigorous academic content with real-life situations. It's about empowering students to explore, discover, and make meaningful contributions to society. Through expeditionary learning, students tackle challenging, standards-aligned material and engage in meaningful tasks that foster the creation of high-quality work. This approach promotes collaboration, encourages student voice, nurtures critical thinking, and encourages reflection, all while emphasizing the development of character. Ultimately, expeditionary learning aims to equip students with the skills and mindset to actively participate in creating a fairer, more equitable world.

9th Grade Expeditions

English 9 and Health have joined together to create the mental health expedition. In English 9 the students read a book with a character impacted by a mental health topic, and in Health Class the students research the mental health topic their book character was impacted by. 

10th Grade Expeditions

Project Based Learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is a dynamic educational approach that places students at the center of their learning journey. At its core, PBL immerses learners in hands-on, inquiry-based experiences where they delve into real-world problems and challenges. Through collaborative efforts, students explore solutions, apply critical thinking skills, and engage in authentic problem-solving scenarios. One of the hallmarks of PBL is its emphasis on showcasing student work, not merely as an endpoint but as a celebration of their learning process. Our students demonstrate academic mastery, creativity, innovation, and the ability to apply knowledge in practical contexts.

World History

English 10 Exposé Projects

The purpose of the English 10 exposé unit is to provide students with an opportunity to delve into critical analysis, research, and effective communication about a topic they care about. Students hone their ability to conduct in-depth research, critically evaluate sources, and articulate their findings with clarity and persuasiveness. By engaging in this unit, students enhance their writing and presentation skills and develop a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the issues they explore. 

Some of the projects this year were about the placebo effect, no bass in Metallica's A Justice For All, and Madonna

English 11 Personal Learning Project

Throughout this year in English 11, students will be learning about a topic of their own choosing. This topic can be academic-based, skill-based, or something in between. The intent is to learn about something new that you are interested in that you might not normally have the chance to learn about in school. This will be a yearlong project and will require work both inside and outside the classroom. 

At the end of the year, each student will submit a significant product which demonstrates their learning over the course of the year. Students will share their product with the class and explain some of the process steps that they underwent. The product is up to the student, but should be appropriate for the topic and reflect the allocated time for both research and product creation. Each student will explain, in detail, how their new learning from this year led to the creation of their final product. While live presentations of the final product are typical, the explanation could take any form that demonstrates the learning to the entire class.