Is Innovation Lab High School right for you?
A successful Innovation Lab student would describe themselves in one or more of the following ways: aware of my strengths, believer in myself and others, curious about the world, divergent in my thinking, energized by change and new ideas, flexible, growth-oriented, helpful, Inquisitive, joyful, kind, learning-focused, malleable, not satisfied with mediocre, optimistic, passionate about my ideas, questing for knowledge, ready to try something different, self-disciplined, tenacious, understanding, visionary, willing to take risks, zestful

Innovation Lab students:

  • Are interested in a different environment and a different way of learning. 
  • Are willing to face productive failure, accept feedback, and grow from the experience.
  • Believe service to others is critical to their growth as a person.
  • Enjoy challenge and are eager for a different approach to the way school is structured.


2022-23 Application

Is your 8th grader interested joining? Apply now.

Looking for More Information?

ILHS hosted a live webinar information session on Tuesday Jan. 12, 2022 and it is now available to watch below!

If the below video is not working here is the direct link to YouTube:

If you have questions or would like to apply via a paper form, please contact Principal Schurke at