Naviance is a web-based system our district uses to help students evaluate their interests, strengths, weaknesses, and create a plan for what path to take after high school.

Naviance helps with college and career readiness, college applications, and the high school and Beyond plan (Graduation Requirement) tasks are located within. All students who are actively enrolled already have an account.

Note: Parents do not have accounts, but can ask their students to share what they are doing in Naviance.

Logging into Naviance

Students can now easily access Naviance through Clever!

To access Clever, just sign in with your student account at

Once you have logged in simply click the shortcut for Naviance, which appears with Learning Resources by default:

Having trouble logging in? Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Confirm that you are logged into Clever with your student account. If a parent account is logged in then it will not work. Log the parent account out and try again.
  • Be sure that you are logged into to both Clever and your browser (ideally Chrome) with your student account. It is best to close any browser windows that are using other accounts.
  • If you receive an error that says you do not have an account please confirm that you see your student address at the bottom of the error window and contact Jon Cohn for assistance.