Having trouble joining classes via Zoom?

Greetings Innovation Lab Students and Families,

In order to protect students from Zoom bombing authentication is now in use district wide. This has been done to ensure that only Northshore students can join meetings, but it does require students to log in to Zoom using their student email address in order to be able to join a meeting.

The Zoom log in process has led to some issues with students joining meetings, so we ask that all students follow these steps BEFORE clicking a link to join a class Zoom:

  • Close any browser windows that are open to personal, sibling, or parent accounts.
  • Sign out of Zoom with any personal or parent accounts.
    • This can be done by visiting https://zoom.us/profile
      • If you see a sign in page then you are all good, just close the tab.
      • If you are taken to a Zoom account profile page then click the small avatar in the upper right of the screen, select Sign Out, and then close the tab.
  • Have the student (not the parent) log in to Clever at https://my.nsd.org using their email address (student#@apps.nsd.org) and password.
  • Once logged in to Clever find and select the Zoom tile. This will open a new tab that connects to https://nsd.zoom.us/profile.

  • Enter your school email address, click Next, and then enter your password and click Sign in.
    • If you are on a personal or school issued device at home you are welcome to click Yes when asked if you would like to stay signed in.
    • If you are using a public device at a library or Internet cafe then click No.
    • If you are signed in to Zoom without being prompted for a user name or password then click the avatar in the upper right of the screen and confirm that you see your student email address. If you see any other email address then please sign out, close the tab, and repeat these steps from the beginning.
    • If you get an error that is not password related then please let your teacher know and use this link to get signed in.
  • You are now signed in to your Zoom account on the website! Leave this tab open and minimize your web browser for now.
  • Open the Zoom application on your computer. This varies depending on the type of computer you have:
    • Mac OS: The application is called zoom.us and on NSD student devices it can be installed or updated through Self Service.
    • Windows: The application is called just Zoom. As of May 2021 you want the one with the icon that looks more like a square with rounded corners. Do not use the one that has a circular icon. If you do not have this application you can download it.
    • Windows S Mode: Unfortunately if you are in S Mode you cannot download the Zoom app. You will have to join meetings through the browser and can skip to the Schoology sign in step.
    • Chromebooks: The application is just called Zoom and has a round icon. It is installed by default on district devices and updates when the Chromebook is restarted, so please restart once a week!
  • Do not enter a user name or password into the Zoom application, instead click the Sign in with SSO button.
    • Depending on your app you may need to click Sign In first and if you are asked for a domain just enter nsd. This should sign you right in on a Mac or Windows computer, but a Chromebook may ask you to enter your email address and password again.
    • If you got an error trying to sign in with SSO on the website then use the Sign in with Google button instead.
  • Once you are signed into both the Zoom website and application you should have no trouble joining meetings. Return to your browser and the Clever tab and find and click the Schoology tile.
    • If you do not have an open Clever tab then please open a new tab and visit https://my.nsd.org
  • If prompted, sign in to Schoology with your student Google account.
  • Visit the class you wish to join and click the link for its Zoom meeting. You should be placed in the waiting room for this class after a few moments.
    • If you are using a Mac or Windows machine be sure to allow zoom.us or Zoom to open if prompted.
      • It is highly recommended that you check the box that allows your browser to always open Zoom.
    • If you get an error regarding authentication that gives you the option to sign in then do this and it should work fine going forward. This is a rare issue that tends to happen on Chromebooks.

If you see an error message stating that the meeting is for "internal only" after performing these steps please open the Zoom application on your computer and sign out of it. Then repeat the above steps and try again. If this does not resolve the issue then please contact your teacher with the following information:

  • The student name and number
  • The teacher name, class name, and period
  • The Zoom link that was not working (Or Meeting ID and Passcode)

If you see any other error message please contact the teacher along with a picture of the error.

We apologize that authentication has caused so many issues with joining and hope that things will get smoother as the year goes on.