It's good to be back in school!

There is a lot of information out there regarding reopening, so we have created this new section of our website to bring the most relevant parts of it together in one place.

You can find links to the left on many of the pages of this new section, and here is a description of what each link provides:

Daily Health Check
Here you can learn about the heath check (sometimes called an "attestation") that all students and staff who are coming to the ILHS building will need to complete daily.

Device Request Form
If you are using a personal device at home that you do not wish to bring to school you can have your parent or guardian submit a request for a device via this form. All students will now receive Chromebooks unless they are in Mr. McTavish's CS class. We will have these devices ready for students on April 22nd or the first day they will attend classes, which ever comes first.

Please note that we do expect students to take all devices home each night and bring them to class fully charged. A bag is now provided for each device, and if you received a device earlier in the year we can provide you with a bag.

Everyone is welcome to request a district device even if they do not plan to attend classes in person.

This is a link to our new schedule. It is the same page as the one under "Our School," and if any changes are made they will appear in both places.

Buses and Transportation
Visit this page to learn how to take the bus to ILHS, or if you are driving yourself you can learn how to request a parking pass.

District Reopening Plans
Clicking this link will take you away from our site and to the District site. There is a wealth of information here, but please keep in mind that not all of it will apply to ILHS.